Introducing GQI GENEVA Collection:

Nearly two decades ago, at the onset of the Analog Quartz technology, a new line of watches were developed under the brand of GQI GENEVA QUARTZ. The main premise of thought in design and development of the line was to implement a Swiss styling that stand the test of time and utilizing the highest quality of craftsmanship and yet keep the price at an affordable level. Every watch design features a prominent time tested European styling. A wide design styles ranging from Classical to Art Deco to Nuevo Avante Garde along with a well chosen appropriate material selection is used in making of every watch.

Manufacturing Challenge :

Each watch is still manufactured using century old watch making techniques while making use of the latest technological instruments and machinery from the USA. Throughout the manufacturing process every component is carefully examined for a perfect mechanical integrity and only then they are assembled by an experienced watch maker. Only after a thorough and stringent 22 step manufacturing and quality control procedure are any of the watches fitted with a laser etched case back bearing the company's founder signature and are ready for being shipped out to the consumer.

Balance of Beauty and Perfection :

Each watch's own aesthetics stem from its deign perfection. The aesthetically beautiful product is the result of an all-embracing creation and development process. Keeping in mind the specific desires of the consumer and a free interplay of colours and material the watch design is created. Finally a special care is taken to ensure that case, dial, hands and bracelet match perfectly thus creating an aesthetic harmony. Within the realms of the physically possible and the process of creation and interpretation, each watch designed and crafted by a team of designers is endowed with its own irreplaceable character , the truth of demanding perfection.